lør. 21. aug. | Nitja Senter for Samtidskunst

New Horizons, Hephemeral Style

Nothing Like It

Time & Location

21. aug., 18:00 – 21. okt., 22:00
Nitja Senter for Samtidskunst, Kirkegata 10a, 2000 Lillestrøm, Norway

About the Event

This year's summer exhibition will offer a playful experience, in both content and appearance. Six artists are united based on their squint at the world today. With humor and a certain lightness, but never without seriousness, we invite the audience into an exhibition shaped like a labyrinth, and through photography, painting, installations and sculpture, we challenge visitors to discover both details and to see the works in relation to each other. Artist Joel Arantes Correia reflects on what he calls "contemporary ruins" in his monumental and abstract installations, where, for example, remains of building mass and materials from demolished buildings appear as worthless waste - while carrying stories and potential to be used for new buildings. Materials in new constellations can also be found in the works of Lorenzo Vitturi and Stan D’Haene. While Vitturi’s colorful and visually striking photographs and installations address gentrification, recycling and cultural hybrids, D’Haene’s insect hotel brings to mind ecology and sustainability in a society. Ingrid Askeland's ceramic works present a myriad of characters, and open in a humorous way for reflections on the absurd and chaotic of human coexistence. We also find similar themes in the expressive and slightly burlesque paintings of Linn-Mari Staalnacke, where the brushstrokes capture the unruly and raw in man. Anders Holen's works are more ambiguous in appearance, but here too we have an idea of ​​hidden stories told through delicate porcelain works, wall objects in carved wood, or moving sculptures that respond to the surroundings. The title of the exhibition is taken from the song "Feel God Inc" by Gorillaz, who with hidden artistic identities became known for using enigmatic figures and animation in his music videos. The song questions the flock mentality and explores a separate and more experimental expression - not unlike the works in this exhibition. With this as a backdrop, we invite you to this year's summer exhibition. The exhibition is curated by Monica Holmen and Martina Petrelli.

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