About Joel ARanTes Correia

Joel Correia, (b.1978, Paris France, with Portuguese Nationality), lives and work in Oslo, Norway, since 2013.
Joel Correia is a Material based Artist where the interaction and performance around the creation of his art are as significant as the final result, the one complementing the other so that the work is not only about form, but process, where you see glimpses of symbolism, irony and visual poetry.
After working in Portugal with stone sculpture for several years, Correia’s arrival to Norway changed his work completely and started him down a new path of discovery and adaptation. Steel became his new focus together with all the possibilities that come with a new material, where the interaction between steel and other materials has been an integral part of is work during these last three years. Presently his focus is on the Contemporary Ruins as a field of inspiration and resources including shapes, textures, colors and space taken from the visual representation of ruins, and the ruins themselves.
With the Ruin as his main focal point within his work, Correia brings in themes such as abandonment, decay and time into his work. Themes, which he sees as the characteristics of the ruin as forgotten, non-romantic, ignored, and at times shameful places. The ruin connects Correia with a multitude of new techniques, media, and methods of working, at the same time as this research also takes in parts of his own memory and experiences into his work.